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Life Coach Flex Plans. Understanding Confidence and Self Esteem

Understanding Confidence and Self-Esteem

Are you struggling with low self-confidence and self-esteem that impacts various aspects of your life, including relationships, career, and personal fulfillment? Fuild a stronger sense of self-worth, develop more confidence in your abilities, and cultivate a positive self-image with Wellness Compass’ Understanding Confidence and Self-Esteem Life Coach Flex Plan.

Your 3 Month Goal Setting and Action Planning Life Coaching process includes:

  • Each month for 3 months you and your Certified Wellness Compass Life Coach will hold a 60 minute session to align your goals and actions with your aspirations, values and long term vision
  • Each month for 3 months you and your Certified Wellness Compass LIfe Coach will hold a 15 minute “laser coaching” session to assess progress to your goals and make adjustments if needed
  • A customized coaching plan with interviews and worksheets focused on you, not a “cookie cutter” coaching solution!
  • A Life Coach Flex Plan review and guidance to send you on your way satisfied that you have received the coaching guidance you needed!
  • Three convenient payments of $140 ($420 total.) Major credit cards accepted!

Your Flex Plan includes identifying your self-limiting beliefs, developing a deeper understanding of yourself and tapping into your strengths and achievements!

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Understanding Confidence and Self-Esteem Registration and Payment.